In today’s tough economic times, poor hiring decisions can be a costly expense on a company. These decisions can also be rather time consuming. On the job work performance and ethics cannot be measured in an interview. These traits need to be assessed over a period of time. An employee’s performance often changes once they reach a certain level of comfort in the office.

Temp-to-hire services offer a greater success rate in finding the right long-term fit for your organization. Finding this right fit is more than just matching their skills and qualifications, it’s also about making personal connections.

Direct Hire

Whether filling an Administrative or CFO position, the desire is to have the right match the first time, every time. This process can be extremely time consuming and costly for employers.

The staffing experts at All-Pro alleviate this hiring burden with a guaranteed match.

All-Pro candidates are put through an arduous screening process to include:

  •  - Candidate interviews
  •  - Skills assessment & Testing
  •  - Business reference checks
  •  - Background checks
  •      Statewide screening
  •      Social Security check
  •      Homeland security
  •      Sex offender registry
  •  - Drug screens, upon request
  •  - Credit checks, upon request
  •  - And a variety of other pre-screening to fit your needs.


Having All-Pro handle your staffing needs, allows you to focus on keeping business on track and keeping your customers and clients satisfied.

All-Pro’s Services

Over three million Americans go to work everyday for a staffing company. According to the American Staffing Association, 90% of temporary and contract employees are satisfied with their work experiences, far exceeding the satisfaction rate for the overall American workforce.

Staffing firms play a key role in helping businesses maintain their competitive edge. By reducing the time and expenses businesses spend on finding new employees, they are actually reducing the unemployment rate.

All-Pro Placement Service, Inc. is a bridge to candidates looking for a permanent position. We assist candidates in finding temporary employment while searching for a permanent position and in doing so, help candidates improve their skill set and gain on-the-job experience to make them more marketable to employers.

All-Pro offers candidates flexibility in their employment to help achieve their work-life balance. Candidates are able to choose from a variety of opportunities that best suit their background and lifestyle.

For businesses, we offer access to top talent and help create jobs and labor market flexibility. We deliver the talent that businesses need to stay staffed during busy peaks. All-Pro finds, pre-screens, qualifies and places employees in positions of every description from administrative to executive level, from insurance to medical, IT to call centers, and everything in-between.

For more than a decade we have been committed to placing qualified candidates with quality employers. Our track record has proven successful with the majority of our placements extending to long-term and permanent positions. We are proud of our achievements and work ethic and will continue to serve our clients and candidates with excellence, honesty, an integrity.

Temporary Positions

All-Pro helps clients reduce costs and keep up with production while alleviating the headaches of hiring, with just a simple phone call.  All candidates are pre-screened and pre-qualified candidates. Once hired, All-Pro handles the professional liability, workers compensation, unemployment insurance and payroll taxes.

Whether you’re in need of someone for one day or on a long-term basis, All-Pro can work with you to ensure you have the staff to meet or exceed your production and keep your office running efficiently. Hiring a temporary employee allows you to focus on your business at hand without spending countless hours and dollars looking for a new employee. 

From an American Staffing Association survey, 80% of staffing clients agreed that staffing firms are a great method in seeking permanent employees. To clients, temporary employees can alleviate work overages or assist in short-term projects. Temporary employees are also a great option to keep the office fully staffed during vacations, sick leave and other times when the current staff is out or just in need of extra assistance.

For candidates, temporary employment offers flexibility while gaining on-the-job experience to make you more marketable for permanent positions. It also gives candidates the opportunity to get in front of employers they may not have been able to get in front of on their own and prove their work experience and good work ethics.

Payroll Outsourcing

Here at All-Pro we handle all aspects of the payroll and take full responsibility for each of our employees working for you. We are experts at providing the extensive services and resources required for each employee.

Looking for staffing options? Payroll outsourcing with All-Pro is a great way to bring on cyclical employees, for specific projects, or staff that you already have and place them on our payroll.

Looking for an MBE/WBE subcontractor? All-Pro is a great way to satisfy your MBE or WBE subcontracting requirements. Simply place a few of your associates on our payroll during the contract or project until you satisfy your MBE / WBE subcontracting requirements.

Comprehensive payroll outsourcing services with All-Pro:
  • • Payroll deductions
  • • Payroll taxes
  • • Quarterly taxes
  • • Annual unemployment taxes
  • • Employee forms or entitlements, Social Security, wage verifications, etc.
  • • Employment verification calls
  • • Unemployment compensation forms
  • • Garnishments
  • • W-2 data preparation, processing, respond to change requests, issues, and replacements.
  • • Employee benefits
  • • Insurance costs